3 Great Bridesmaid Gifts to Consider for Your Big Day


A wedding day is typically all about the bride, and that's as it should be. But it's also common for the bride to want to give back to family and friends who helped make the day special. In particular, the bride may opt to give her bridesmaids a set of gifts before or after the ceremony. Making your bridesmaid gifts personal to each woman could take a lot of time and energy. One option may be get a set of personalized bridesmaid gifts for every bridesmaid. In other words, get a gift that is the same for everyone, but is personalized in some small way for each person. Here are 3 personalized bridesmaid gifts you could consider for your wedding.

Monogrammed Goods

There are plenty of gifts that you can get where you can put the full name or perhaps just the initial of the person receiving the gift on the item. This will help you stay consistent in budget for every bridesmaid, and possibly make everyone match on your big day as well. Getting the gift monogrammed will add a special touch to make the gift even more special. If you get a gift that can be opened such as a handbag or a cosmetic tote, perhaps you could write a quick personalized note for each woman and put it inside the gift.

Picture Frames

A picture frame by itself is of course not much of a gift. But it's the photo you put inside that can make that picture frame something special that will be treasured for years to come. Go through your photo albums and come up with a photo or two of you hanging out with each of your bridesmaids. Then, give each bridesmaid the gift at the same time. They'll likely enjoy looking at all of the different antics your group has gotten up to over the years. Getting nice looking but not overly expensive picture frames are also a great way to stay on a budget.


This is another great way to get every woman the same gift while also making the gift different in a way for each person. Get all of your bridesmaids a new perfume set, but put some extra thought into it. You likely know which perfume is each woman's favorite. Get matching bottles, or flasks for the perfume, and you could also get them monogrammed if desired. But fill each container with each woman's personal favorite fragrance. 

Getting personalized bridesmaid gifts doesn't have to break the wedding budget. A small memento that has been personalized in some way, like with monogrammed initials or a handwritten note, is a great way to say thank you to all of your closest friends on your big day. For more ideas, contact your local wedding specialty shop.


29 May 2015

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