Got Elementary-Age Kids Coming To Your Wedding? Create Coloring Books Just For Them


Planning a wedding is a big deal. It takes commitment, money and some creativity. If you're planning your wedding and elementary-age children will be in attendance, you might wonder how to keep them busy. Most of the time, these children just run around and make up some games with other children, but you can offer them an activity that keeps them busy and gives them a memento of your joyous occasion. This guide demonstrates how to create coloring books so they can tap into their inner-artist with.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

  • paper (plain, cardstock or custom)
  • a hole Punch
  • yarn or String (matching your wedding colors)
  • crayons (enough for each child to have a set)

Step 2: Create the Front and Back Cover

If you've hired a graphic designer to create your invitations, they may be willing to add a simple design for a small fee or no additional charge using the same font as your invitations.

Your cover can be something fun for the kids or sentimental for you. But keep in mind that the book will probably end up in a lot of photos, so it should be cohesive with your wedding theme.

Step 3: Create the Inner Pages

Check with friends or family members to see if anyone knows how to draw. Ask them to draw an outline of characters that are popular, or have them draw wedding-related outlines. If you don't know anyone that draws well, ask your graphic designer to help you create the pages. Whoever creates the images only needs to create one of each. Make copies of the images to insert into each book. The children can then use their creativity to fill in the outlines. 

The options for the inner pages of the book are endless. Here are some ideas for the outlines:

  • animals
  • building structures
  • a horse and carriage
  • cartoon characters
  • wedding bells
  • a church with a steeple

Create enough pages to keep the children entertained for the duration of the reception. A good size might be around 10 pages. 

Step 4: Tie it All Together

Lay the cover upside down and place the various pages on top; also upside down. Then place another piece of paper (the back) on top of that. Turn the book over and use the hole punch to create three holes in the left-side edge of the paper: one for the top, middle and bottom.

Cut the yarn into pieces the size of your index finger. Pull the yarn through the holes and tie in a bow.

Step 5: Create the Color Sets

Use the yarn or string to tie four or five crayons of different colors together. This will make distribution quicker and easier and keep the crayons from rolling around. Make the knot simple enough for elementary aged students to untie.

When you're finished with this little project, you'll help provide a memorable experience for the smaller children in attendance at your wedding. Additionally, you might find that your adult guests are happier and enjoying themselves more because they aren't chasing after their kids at the wedding or the reception.

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2 July 2015

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