3 Steps For Finding The Wedding Gown That's Right For You


Everybody wants to walk down the aisle in the gown of their dreams. However, finding such a dress, or finding a salon that can design the dress you want, can become a frustrating endeavor. Before you even step into the salon, here are a few things that can help both you and the salon find the best bridal gown for you.

1. Gather Ideas

The Internet and bridal catalogs are chock full of bridal gown ideas. When you're first starting out, don't hold back. Save copies or clippings of everything you find that appeals to you.

Keep a file online, and off, with pictures and your ideas. You may start to notice patterns that can help you narrow things down. For example,

  • Is there a designer that shows up more than others?
  • Is there a kind of cut or overall design that you're choosing more than others?

Look for the similarities in your choices. You can eliminate those choices that aren't anything like the others. Once you start to notice the styles and cuts that appeal to you most, you will have better luck when you bring those ideas with you to the salon.

2. Choose the Salon(s)

You can buy a wedding gown from any number of places. However, you want to find the place that appeals to you the most. Like shopping for anything else, there are places that offer more quality, and more designs, than others.

Check out your local salons online, or go visit them to look at what they have on display. If your idea file contains a lot of gowns from a specific designer, like Val Stefani, then try seeking a salon that carries that designer.

3. Make the Appointment(s)

Schedule an appointment with one or more of the salons that meet your criteria. Remember, you're not going in for a fitting already. You're going in to speak to a consultant. Make sure that you bring your idea file with you.

Salon consultants will let you know if they have gowns or can design a gown that conforms to your ideas. They can also let you know if your ideas and your body type can make a good match. They can even offer you advice that you would never have considered by yourself.

In addition, a consultant can help you figure out if you can find what you're looking for with your budget. These are all things that can help you refine your ideas even more, so make sure you take notes.

Through this process, you can figure out what will work best for you. Once you figure it out, it's time to take the next step. You can schedule a fitting, or go through with the design process at the salon of your choosing. 


15 September 2015

Exploring The Wedding Planning Process

Hello, I am Ryan Vaughn. When I was growing up, I always dreamed of meeting the right girl and having a fairytale wedding. I thought out the tuxedo I would wear, dances we would complete and even the shape, size and flavor of the cake I wanted. Luckily, when I did meet the girl of my dreams, she had just as elaborate wedding desires. We set up a dream wedding with years of careful planning. Taking our time allowed us to get great deals on a venue, wedding supplies and clothing for our entire party. I would like to share the techniques we used to plan our wedding to help everyone achieve the event of their dreams. Thanks.