4 Ways Apps Can Help With Your Las Vegas Wedding


Planning a Las Vegas wedding can be a wild, fast-paced roller-coaster ride of emotions. To help stay organized and select cheap Las Vegas wedding packages, you can find assistance through the use of app downloads. The following four types of apps will help you properly plan a wedding and share it with family and friends.

Live Video Streaming Apps

A Las Vegas wedding is typically an elopement, meaning that it's just you and your spouse. Instead of leaving other family and friends out of the occasion, you can use a live streaming app to show your wedding around the world. By setting up your phone or tablet on a nearby chair or shelf, the whole wedding can be streamed. Links can easily be posted to your social media and a live chat room can be made available for viewers to chat and celebrate your special day.

Event Booking Apps

Along with getting married in Las Vegas, the city is probably host to your honeymoon. Saving money with a cheap Vegas wedding is just the beginning. Using event and ticket apps, you can book all kinds of honeymoon events at the fraction of the cost. This allows you to see multiple shows, reserve special dinners, and plan out your whole honeymoon with ease.

Along with booking the tickets, they can be sent digitally to your phone. Event reminder alerts will also ensure that you do not miss anything by getting too caught up in the Las Vegas attractions.

Music Apps

Make your Las Vegas wedding a little more personalized by bringing your own music. A music app on your phone allows you to create a custom playlist that can be used exclusively for your wedding. This allows you to pick tracks for walking down the aisle, the whole ceremony, and your eventual first dance.

Contact the chapel beforehand to see if they have a speaker connection. If not, a lot of souvenir stores offer small portable speakers that can pack a lot of power. It will make a huge difference instead of using just your phone's built-in speaker.

Budgeting Apps

Even if you're finding the best Vegas wedding deals, you will want to budget your trip. A wedding budgeting app allows you to price everything out and properly plan the whole trip. Instead of just blowing hundreds of dollars, you can properly plan where to spend your money on the Las Vegas trip. It can help you decide on smaller investments like wedding photo packages, dress rentals, or car rentals.

By having everything directly on your phone, it's easy to plan your whole trip. The process can even be done on the plane flight over to the city. Visit this website for more information on Vegas weeding packages.


12 October 2015

Exploring The Wedding Planning Process

Hello, I am Ryan Vaughn. When I was growing up, I always dreamed of meeting the right girl and having a fairytale wedding. I thought out the tuxedo I would wear, dances we would complete and even the shape, size and flavor of the cake I wanted. Luckily, when I did meet the girl of my dreams, she had just as elaborate wedding desires. We set up a dream wedding with years of careful planning. Taking our time allowed us to get great deals on a venue, wedding supplies and clothing for our entire party. I would like to share the techniques we used to plan our wedding to help everyone achieve the event of their dreams. Thanks.