Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding Venue


Booking your dream wedding venue may seem impossible due to budget constraints, but fortunately there are ways to save on almost any location. The following are a few tips to help you bring down the cost of the venue so that it fits within your budget.

Tip #1: Skip the Saturday wedding

Most weddings happen on a Saturday, which means many popular venues are priced much lower when it's not a peak day. If you must stick to the weekend wedding for the sake of your guests, you may be able to get a lower rate by hosting a Sunday wedding or having an evening affair on a Friday night. You can save even more if you are able to move the wedding to a week day.

Tip #2: Combine the ceremony and the reception

If you aren't too concerned with having a church wedding, it may cost lest to rent one venue for the day than to rent two for a few hours each. Some venues have an outdoor area or even a wedding chapel spot for the ceremony, while others will require wedding and reception in the same room. Banquet halls can partition off the room. After the ceremony, everyone will go to the reception half for a half hour of pre-dinner drinks while the staff breaks down the ceremony area, then they will remove the partitions so you have the room opened up for dinner and dancing.

Tip #3: Ask for a package deal

Many venues will offer a discount if you get a package deal for the space, catering service, cake, and possibly even the music. Not only will you save on your venue, you will also save on everything else you need to host the perfect wedding. Even better, you won't have as many planning decisions to make, so it can lower the overall stress of planning your wedding.

Tip #4: Marry in the off-season

In most locales, June is the traditional wedding month, but all of the summer months are prime wedding time. This means most venues can charge more for a rental. If you still want some warm weather or sunshine for your wedding, consider having it in the spring or fall. To really take advantage of off-season pricing, though, a winter wedding may be just the thing to lower the costs.

For more help, contact a wedding venue or banquet hall in your area.


19 January 2017

Exploring The Wedding Planning Process

Hello, I am Ryan Vaughn. When I was growing up, I always dreamed of meeting the right girl and having a fairytale wedding. I thought out the tuxedo I would wear, dances we would complete and even the shape, size and flavor of the cake I wanted. Luckily, when I did meet the girl of my dreams, she had just as elaborate wedding desires. We set up a dream wedding with years of careful planning. Taking our time allowed us to get great deals on a venue, wedding supplies and clothing for our entire party. I would like to share the techniques we used to plan our wedding to help everyone achieve the event of their dreams. Thanks.