Choosing A Wedding Venue For A Recommitment Ceremony


After years of marriage, you and your spouse may decide that you want to reaffirm your love for each other through a recommitment ceremony. This presents a wonderful opportunity to choose a wedding venue all over again, so you can relive the day or create a new backdrop for your commitment to each other. Here are a few suggestions you can use as you select the venue for this special ceremony.

Destination Beach Wedding

If your guest list will be small, consider a destination beach wedding. You can host this event at a resort that offers wedding packages, and you may be able to select from several different locations on the resort to hold the ceremony. Some resorts also offer officiates, decorations and other finishing touches to make your day special. Be sure to reserve a block of rooms for your guests so everyone can join in on the fun at your destination recommitment ceremony.

Private Dining Room Event

For a more low-key event, consider having your ceremony in a private dining room at a local restaurant. Some restaurants offer event space for large groups, while others have private dining rooms you can book for you, your spouse, and a few select guests. Work with the restaurant to create a space for a brief ceremony, and choose a wedding menu that offers a few traditional favorites along with some surprising and adventurous appetizers for a delicious addition to your event.

Bed And Breakfast Wedding Weekend

You may want a quaint and quiet wedding weekend, which makes a bed and breakfast a wonderful option. Consider having the ceremony outside in the backyard or lawn of the property, and work with the management to arrange for a reception in the main dining room. Some bed and breakfast locations may offer in-house catering, while others may require you to hire an outside company. Be sure to ask about catering options before you book a location so you know how much planning you will need to do.

Banquet Hall Fete

Of course, you can opt for a traditional banquet hall fete. If you plan on having a long guest list, this option may be perfect for you. Choose a venue that's large enough to host the reception as well as the ceremony, and work with the in-house event planner to create the menu, select linens, and choose decorations to customize the event.

Recommitment ceremonies can be a wonderful way to recognize a milestone anniversary or to simply proclaim your love for one another once again. Consider these venue options for the backdrop on your second special day. To learn more, contact a location like Gold Canyon Golf Resort and Spa


6 January 2018

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