Host A Rustic-Themed Wedding And Reception


If you and your significant other enjoy living in the country and have shared many, special moments together while sitting around a campfire or riding horses through the woods, it is only natural that you may wish to have a country-themed wedding and reception. Recreate the simplicity of your lifestyle and some of the beauty that you and your partner experience each day by adding the following details to your wedding and reception plans. 

Wear Rustic Clothing

Instead of choosing traditional wedding attire that you and your significant other may not be comfortable wearing, select rustic clothing that will showcase each of your personal styles. Cowboy or cowgirl boots, a pleated skirt, checkered blouse, and jeans are some of the garments that can be worn.

Choose outfits for your wedding party to wear that are complementary to the garments that you and your partner have selected. Boots that are a slightly lighter or darker color or shirts that contain a similar print as your's and your partner's, but have a more subdued appearance are two options. If you think regular blue jeans may be a little bit too casual for the event, dress them up by pairing them with a formal vest and necktie.

Rent A Rustic-Themed Venue

A rustic-themed venue that is nestled deep in the woods will provide a cozy atmosphere for you and your spouse to celebrate with the people who you both care about. Inquire about any amenities that are included with a rental when reserving a venue. Dinners, beverages, linens, and decorations may be some of the items that are provided.

If you and your partner own horses and would like to include them in your plans, load your horses up into a trailer and use your vehicle to pull the trailer to the venue where the reception is taking place. After the wedding, head to the venue right before your guests are due to arrive. Unload the horses from the trailer and lead the horses to the edge of the property.

After you and your spouse get on the horses, wait for your guests. As they arrive, ride the horses back and forth across the front of the property as you and your partner wave to your guests. After getting off the horses, lead the animals back into their trailer. Make arrangments for the trailer to be brought back to your property so that the horses can be returned to the barn that they live in. 

Add Additional Decor And Hire A Country Band

If you would like to personalize the space that is being used for the wedding reception, use some of your own decorations. Bays of hale can be placed in the corners of the reception room. Fresh cut flowers can be placed in vases before setting the vases on the dining room tables.

Hire a country band and request that they play some popular country songs that you and your spouse enjoy. Welcome your guests to perform country line dances while listening to the music. For more information, contact a company like County Line Event Center.


20 April 2018

Exploring The Wedding Planning Process

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